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Wax removal

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These products are suitable for removing old wax and removing excess wax easily and quickly.
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Special cleaning agent for removing old wax and dirt. Wax – EX has been developed for gentle cleaning of ski and snowboard surfaces.
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Professional wax scraper blade made of high-quality Plexiglas plate to remove excess wax from ski or snowboard surfaces. The edges of the scraper blade are precisely milled and finely ground.
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Special Speed ​​brush with bronze bristles for brushing out dirty ski surfaces. Ideal for preparing for waxing and brushing out the first layer of wax.
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Our roto brush bronze for use with the cordless screwdriver in 100 mm, 120 mm and 140 mm lengths. Perfectly prepared ski and snowboard surfaces in just a few seconds.
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Special cleaner and wax remover for skis and snowboards. Optimum dosage and gentle cleaning power.