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A cell phone holder for the bike has now become an indispensable accessory for many cyclists. The ability to securely attach the smartphone to the bike and use it conveniently while riding is particularly practical if you want to navigate on the go or track your bike ride.

We at raze-cat have made it our mission to develop a high-quality mobile phone holder for the bike that finally meets all of these requirements - and can do a whole lot more:

Thanks to its simple and infinitely variable adjustability, the POWER MOUNT  Unlike other bicycle cell phone holders, it can be used both with and without a cell phone case. A feature that is widely considered unique in the field of mobile phone holders for bicycles. By attaching the POWER MOUNT to the headset of the bicycle or directly to the bicycle handlebars , an absolutely stable and reliable security of the smartphone is guaranteed. Whether on bumpy roads or off-road excursions, the smartphone stays firmly in place without slipping or wobbling. This means you can fully concentrate on your bike ride instead of having to worry about the security of your smartphone. The use of high-quality materials such as aluminum and stainless steel ensure an extremely robust construction that can easily withstand the stresses of cycling.

Another top feature of the holder is a specially integrated battery compartment into which a power bank can be inserted. Because the POWER MOUNT is available in two different sizes, you are independent and flexible when choosing the right power bank . This means the smartphone is supplied with additional energy while driving and you no longer have to worry about an empty battery. This feature is extremely practical, especially on longer bike rides where the smartphone is used intensively or when making phone calls and listening to music.

The POWER MOUNT bicycle cell phone holder from raze-cat shows how innovative technology can improve comfort and functionality when cycling. Thanks to its high-quality construction, the raze-cat cell phone holder is indestructible and the ideal companion for all cyclists who want to use their smartphone comfortably while riding their bike. With its highly stable attachment , the integrated power bank and the practical design, the POWER MOUNT meets all the requirements for a modern and versatile smartphone holder for the bike. Particularly high-quality bicycles are worth being equipped with a professional bicycle cell phone holder that is in no way inferior to the bicycle.

If you have a bicycle that cannot be attached to the bicycle headset, we also have an alternative bicycle handlebar mount. You can choose a suitable power bank yourself as you wish, or take a look at our comprehensive professional sets: POWER MOUNT slim professional set or POWER MOUNT max PROFI set.
The POWER MOUNT bicycle cell phone holder from raze-cat makes every bicycle tour a carefree pleasure - whether on the short way to work or on an extended adventure.

Our promise to you:

Quality - the POWER MOUNT bicycle mobile phone holder from raze-cat is made of aluminum and stainless steel, which makes it particularly robust, stable and very durable. We produce exclusively in Germany. The mobile phone holder is designed in such a way that it has a secure and firm grip on your smartphone. Sustainability is very important to us, which is why...

Size of your smartphone doesn't matter! The POWER MOUNT universally holds all smartphones - even with your own smartphone case . This means you can use the bike phone holder for many years, even if you change your phone.
We also have a…

Battery compartment – ​​integrated in which you can store a power bank of your choice. This means you are independent during your bike rides and have enough power to charge your cell phone.
It was very important to us that...

Installation – the POWER MOUNT bicycle mobile phone holder from raze-cat on the bicycle headset is easy and safe. All you have to do is loosen the headset cover cap on the headset and attach the bike cell phone holder by hand using the same screw. If this is not possible for any reason, we also offer a sturdy bicycle handlebar mount as an alternative.

POWER MOUNT – the bicycle cell phone holder | safe, robust, durable | Made in Germany

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  • Habe mir den Powermount schon über euren alten Shop geholt und bin jetzt auf euren neuen gestoßen. Bin richtig zufrieden mit dem Teil, so machen meine Touren noch mehr Bock!

    - Jan

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