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Every year before the start of the ski season the question arises: Should I bring my skis or snowboard to the service or should I do it by myself better and cheaper?

Why should I do the ski service by myself?

 Skis and snowboards have a hard life. Snow, ice and extreme temperature differences, different types of terrain and the high speed at which you ride, put a lot of strain on the equipment. This makes it more important to look after your skis and boards.
Only waxed skis glide effortlessly over the snow slopes and only with freshly ground edges will you have the right grip on the slopes. So you can ski into the valley more safely and with less effort. A regular ski service, which should consist of waxing the skis and sharpening the side edges of the skis, is a must for every skier - no matter how well you ski.
Our motto is: more fun with safety!


How often should I do the ski service?

The intervals of the ski care depend naturally completely clearly on the use and/or the driven kilometres on your boards. Unfortunately, it is not the case that one ski service is sufficient once a year. As already mentioned, a ski has a hard life. The now common artificial snow slopes have a very abrasive effect on the surface and the edges. Usually the wax is already gone after one or two days, the edges are even blunt earlier.
The ski surface is like the skin in winter. It becomes dry and brittle and has to be creamed daily. The wax cares for the ski surface and at the same time ensures that you make good progress on pistes with a slight gradient and that the turning ability of your skis is maintained.
The ski edges are like a sharp blade, e.g. a scalpel. Only the first cut is perfect, then the sharpness of the blade decreases steadily. By regularly sharpening the lateral edge of the ski you make sure that you don't lose your grip on the slope. You can read how often you should grind your skis in this blog post from us: Ski edge grinding - How often?
If you have decided to maintain the ski continuously after use, the effort is not very high, because your ski service is almost only refreshed, and you do not always have to start all over again.
The ski service in the specialized trade can become very expensive and relates to a high expenditure of time, particularly since the grinding of the surface, which is nearly always accomplished with the service on large machines, is not always recommendable! An individual preparation with the consideration of your driving skills and your needs is usually not given.
So we can only recommend doing the ski service by yourself.

Further advantages by the self-made ski service!

If you sharpen your skis and snowboards yourself, you will save the trip to the service station - and a lot of money in the long run. The ES 2000 electric ski edge sharpener reduces the manual work for recreational athletes and professionals to just a few seconds. You'll also soon notice that you're safer and more effortless on the road, and you'll enjoy skiing even more if you take care of the surface and sharpen the edges after two days on the slopes at the latest.
We at raze-cat have specialized in winter sports enthusiasts who want to take the ski service into their own hands. Our many years of experience in both leisure and racing ensure optimal equipment for optimal skiing fun. Tips for the mobile ski service, care instructions and of course all necessary tools and products can be found in our shop. Here is a small selection:



We would also be happy to advise you personally by e-mail.

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