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The electric ski edge grinder from raze-cat has been successfully on the market since 2007. The grinding machine is developed and produced by Steidle Drehteile GmbH - system supplier of the metal industry - from Southern Germany. raze-cat is its own brand, which has meanwhile established itself with many other tools for ski service.
Together with experienced service men and connoisseurs of the industry, a grinding device for ski service was developed which was to revolutionize the tedious and time-consuming manual work. In the meantime, well-known manufacturers with similar products have jumped on the bandwagon, whereby raze-cat was one of the pioneers in this field.

Construction of the ski edge grinding device

The edge grinder impresses with its compactness and solid workmanship. All parts are made of stainless steel or anodized aluminium. An electric motor drives a grinding belt via a shaft. Safely guided by two rollers, the sanding belt runs over a raised belt system. The emphasis was put on a safe belt guidance, as well as on an inclined belt run, which leads to a perfect and burr-free grinding result.

The belt change takes place via a spring tension and can be carried out easily and quickly. The support with which the ES 2000 ski edge grinder rests on the ski is unique. Only five sliding elements touch the ski. Dirt and dust fall between them and are therefore not rubbed into the surface. The device glides easily and without effort over the ski.

The grinding angle is adjusted via the support by means of an adjusting screw with locking device. The angle can be adjusted stepless and locked securely in any position. Thus, even half or odd degree values are easy to achieve.


Ski edge grinding with the ES 2000

Edge grinding with the ES 2000 is easier than it may seem at first glance. The ski or board can be sharpened in all positions, whereby the inclined position has proven to be the most practical. The ES 2000 is centre of gravity optimized and stays on the ski, which is in the inclined position, safely and by itself! There is no need for corrections or other balancing.


Before switching on, the device is briefly relieved by lifting it slightly, then you place it on the edge, and you can start. With a speed that is about the same as wax ironing, the machine is now driven over the edge. Everything else is done by the device.

The result is already astonishing after the first grinding process - an even and clean sanding pattern over the whole length without heels and burrs. Since very little edge material is removed during the grinding process, it is no disadvantage to repeat the process a second or even third time, depending on the desired degree of edge sharpness.

The short expenditure of time is very comfortable! Approx. 5 seconds are estimated per grinding process. For 2-3 grinding processes (if necessary at all), on each side, including turning the ski, the total time for grinding is calculated at approx. 1 minute per pair of skis! For sharpening the skis of a family of four, about 15 minutes are needed to clamp the skis, depending on the effort involved. A rework of the edges is not necessary. In contrast to the laborious manual work, this speaks for itself.
It is also pleasant that the sidewall does not necessarily have to be removed. This is done by the grinding belt with a grain size of 120. However, it is advantageous to remove it before the grinding process due to the development of dirt.

Grinding belts for the ES 2000

The grinding result can be refined with the various raze-cat grinding belts (a total of 6 types), depending on the requirements.

The grinding belts are offered in different grains and packaging quantities for every requirement. The belts with 120 and 240 grain are the standard belts which cover almost all requirements in the sports sector. The Track 400 grinding belt is a universal belt in the finer range with a longer service life. The belts with 600 and 1000 grains allow very fine grinding up to polishing, which covers the needs of the professional sector. The edge removal with the belts of grain size 120 is approx. one hundredth of a millimetre. In comparison, a file draw with a medium coarse file has shown almost 10 times the removal.
Regarding the durability of the grinding belts, it can be said that a new grinding belt achieves the best result. Extensive tests and feedback from the many users of the ES 2000 have shown that approximately 3-4 pairs of skis with one belt can be used as a guideline. Due to the low cost of a grinding belt, the costs for edge grinding with the ES 2000 from raze-cat are enormously reduced. 

Racers were among raze-cat's first customers and still achieve competitive results in training and competition. In the sports, alpine, freeride, telemark and snowboard sectors, the ES 2000 electric ski edge grinder is becoming increasingly popular. Since 2012, the current ES 2000 ski edge grinder has been on the market worldwide, replacing its predecessor, the ES 1000.

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